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Our Founder

Served as
Vice President, Greater China, International Self-Care Foundation
Vice President of business development for Health 724

Technical research:
Precise weight management, cancer nutritional Intervention, postoperative nutritional rehabilitation, all-round chronic disease prevention and conditioning, intestinal flora research, 3R International Intervention System

Main achievement
The highest number of lectures in a year was 1,152
From 2011 to 2013, he provided nutritional consulting service to the Presidential office of Taiwan
Chief nutrition lecturer of China Taiping Insurance and China Life insurance
First foreign dietitian to promote scientific vegetarian diet in Queensland Parliament, Australia
More than 100,000 family health officers and nearly 1,000 clinical dietitians have been trained
Important events

In September 2014, Skylin Biotechnology School was established and European clinical nutrition was successfully introduced to the Chinese market, with trainees all over the country;
In February 2016, an international 3R precision prevention and rehabilitation center system was established in Guangzhou and Shandong respectively;
In January 2017, Skylin Biotechnology School was recognized by the China Medical University in Taiwan, and reached an educational project cooperation.
In February 2017, Skylin Biotechnology School was awarded the only accredited unit in China by the British Complementary Medical Association (CMA)
Since 2016, we have established large-scale interactive development platforms such as the Mediterranean Diet Club and Nutrition Lecturer Base Camp, and set up special courses such as Mediterranean-style vegetable food, FHO family health officer, and Taiwanese study tour with China Medical University to train professional nutritionists to become practical talents Nearly a thousand people
In March 2018, he began to serve on the Health 724 platform, and formally took the post of President of the International Self-Health Foundation Greater China in September, dedicated to promoting the concept of self-care
In October 2018, was invited to the Queensland Parliament House, Australia to promote Mediterranean vegetable food
In November 2018, won the top ten figures in China's nutrition and health industry in 2018