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Company Profile

Founded in 2014, Skylin is located in Shenzhen, China. It inherits the most refined spiritual civilization, the most distinctive cultural connotation and the most cutting-edge educational resources in Shenzhen's innovation capital [exploration, innovation, unity, dedication], and integrates many ideas of higher education institutions with global influence and the wisdom of famous teachers at home and abroad attract outstanding talents from all over the country to "smelt the fragrance".

Since its establishment, Skylin has complied with the country’s overall higher education development policy, matched the needs of the society and industry, and followed the trend of global academic research. The three main areas of natural medicine, nutrition, and precision preventive medicine are the key development directions and are characterized by the combination of the construction of a talented and talented elite team and the application of technology.

Skylin has established friendship and cooperation with authoritative institutions such as Harvard University, Cambridge University, Imperial College London, DCHM European Holistic Natural Therapy College, Taipei Medical University, Asia University, China Medical University and other authoritative institutions. , British medical professional technician certification cooperation; to ensure service quality, international top technical requirements, and deliver high-standard talents to the society.
Company Events
    September 2014Established Skylin School and successfully introduced European clinical nutrition to the Chinese market, with trainees all over the country
    February 2016The international 3R precision prevention and rehabilitation center system has been established in Guangzhou and Shandong respectively
    January 2017Skylin School has been recognized by Taiwan China Medical University for its curriculum qualification, and has reached cooperation in educational projects
    February 2017Skylin School is the only accredited institution in China by the British Auxiliary Medical Association (CMA)
    2017Cooperate with the central Kitchen catering project to bring Mediterranean food to China
    2018Cooperate with Health 724 platform to build the largest platform for dietitians in China
    2016 till nowNow, the school has set up Mediterranean vegetable Food, FHO Family Health Officer, European clinical Nutrition, Taiwan, Malaysia, Britain and other characteristic courses, training nearly 1,000 practical talents
    2019Skylin School set up Cambridge Exchange centre to promote international study Tours

Harvard University

Asia University

China Medical University (Taiwan)

European DCHM Holistic Natural Therapy School of Medicine

Imperial College London

University of Cambridge
Certification authority

Pastoral Medical Association(PMA), USA

Complementary Medicine Association (CMA), UK

The World Organization Of Natural Medicine Practitioners, UK

China Medical University

University of Cambridge

City & Guilds of London Institute

NK International Precision Health Nutrition(HK)Association