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European Clinical Dietitian

European Clinical Dietitian
European Clinical Dietitian
Course Introduction:

Clinical Nutrition Europe is a diploma course licensed by the European DCHM (Da Vinci College of Holistic Medicine) in China, based on the ESPEN guidelines, Through 15 thematic mainstream case courses (including liver, kidney, gastrointestinal, lung, cardio-cerebrovascular, etc.), enabling trainees to acquired systematic and integrated health management skills.

Course Certification:

After 15 days of special study and completing the score of ''topic case + classroom quiz + general assessment'', those who pass the total score will be awarded the Diploma of Clinical Nutrition Part (2). This diploma certificate is recognized by four international authorities: Pastoral Medical Association (PMA), USA, Complementary Medicine Association (CMA), UK, The World Organzation Of Natural Medicine Practitionneers, UK , China Medical University.

Course Outline:

Date Course Content
DAY 1 Principles of clinical nutrition and concepts of nutritional practice in disease
Nutritional risk screening and evaluation
DAY 2 Clinical application of formula food for special medical purposes
Nutritional treatment of food allergy and food intolerance + case study
Nutritional support for protein malnutrition (PEM)
DAY 3 Scientific weight management + case study
DAY 4 Nutritional treatment of metabolic diabetes + 5-minute catering
DAY 5 Nutritional conditioning of common intestinal diseases + case study
Nutritional treatment of liver disease + case study
DAY 6 Accurate crowd filing and accurate catering
DAY 7 Basis of holistic natural therapy + combination of medical care
DAY 8 Case study
DAY 9 Nutritional treatment of osteoporosis and nutritional support of rheumatoid arthritis
Nutritional treatment of metabolic disease gout + case study
DAY 10 Nutritional treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases + case study
DAY 11 Child nutrition
Nutrition and the immune system
DAY 12 Common gynecological diseases nutritional conditioning + case study
DAY 13 Renal disease and nutritional therapy
Nutritional support for pneumonia + case study
DAY 14 Nutritional treatment of malignant tumor + perioperative nutritional support
DAY 15 European clinical general exam + mediterranean diet practice



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