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University of Cambridge Business Administration Course

University of Cambridge Business Administration Course
Day Morning Afternoon Night
1     Pick-up; Welcome Dinner, Overnight in Cambridge
2 [Lecture] A Western perspective on the changing landscape of today's world and China's position and future role
[Lecture] Organizational Behavior and Leadership

[Sightseeing] Cambridge, King's College, etc
Overnight in Cambridge
3 [Lecture] Be an effective leader
[Lecture] Capital investment decision
[Experience] Punting on the CAM River Overnight in Cambridge
4 [Lecture] Strategy and Classic case analysis of Chinese enterprises going global
[Lecture] Competition, Trust and Regulation in enterprises
[Visit] University of Cambridge Science Park visit and lecture Overnight in Cambridge
5 [Lecture] Communication, Influence and Negotiation skills
[Lecture] How to communicate effectively in the Western world
[Experience] Afternoon Tea in the Apple Orchard of Cambridge University [Experience] Cambridge University formal high table dinner, overnight in Cambridge
6 [Sightseeing] Travel to York for a tour around Britain York Minster, York City Walls, Diagonal of York Overnight in York
7 [Sightseeing] York-Manchester Manchester United Stadium (Old Trafford Stadium), Albert Square, Manchester City Industrial Museum Overnight in Manchester City
8 [Visit] Heywood Manor (Downton Abbey) [Shopping] Bicester Village Overnight in Oxford
9 [Sightseeing] University of Oxford [Experience] Drinking and dinner at the pub where Xi Jinping and Cameron drank together

Overnight in London
10 [Visit] British enterprise visit -1 [Visit] British enterprise visit -2 Overnight in London
Alternative activities [Exchange] British real estate brokerage company analyzes the UK property investment market [Inspection] Field trips high-end properties in London Overnight in London
11 [Attractions] Big Ben, St. James's Park, Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge and Tower of London (Old Royal Palace) British Museum Overnight in London
12 Drop off; assist with tax refund and check-in
13 Back to the motherland

Course Introduction:

[Lecture] A Western perspective on the changing landscape of today's world and China's position and future role

A country's international role (identity) orientation is related to its future development direction. China's peaceful rise is the role of China in the future under the new world pattern and the only way for China's development. But how do western economists and politicians view all this? Cambridge Business School professors view China's rise and its role in the world from a Western perspective.

[Lecture] Be an effective leader

''When a company's strategic focus shifts from domestic to global, it will have a fundamental impact on its leadership development.'' Says William George, former chairman and CEO of Medtronic and now professor of management practice at Harvard Business School. What skills do today's executives need to develop to become effective global business leaders of tomorrow? How can companies teach these skills to their leaders? This course is an interactive learning process taught by elites in the industry.

[Lecture] Strategy and Classic case analysis of Chinese enterprises going to the world

Chinese companies are starting a new wave of globalization. The post-financial crisis era has prompted an increasing number of Chinese companies to make overseas acquisitions in order to gain strategic resources, markets and international status. Yet this new round of globalisation is more challenging than ever. There is a negative perception in foreign markets that Chinese companies rely on government support to secure overseas resources. Rising national protectionism also makes overseas market expansion more difficult. In addition, Chinese companies face tighter regulations in the US and Europe. These new challenges require Chinese enterprises to have a higher level of international operation. Through practical case studies, this course demonstrates to our business leaders what core competencies Chinese enterprises must possess to succeed in the new round of globalization, so as to achieve business growth, improve productivity, and acquire international leadership and culture.

[Lecture] Communication, Influence and Negotiation skills

In today's business world, communication skills and negotiation skills have become essential elements of success. This course will introduce students to their own and other people's interpersonal styles. Students will learn how to improve their relationships with work partners, clients, family and friends to win at the negotiating table. Through sharing real cases and role-playing, the course instructor will guide students to participate in the discussion and inspire students to understand the latest interpersonal communication skills and negotiation process from various perspectives.

This paper discusses the inevitability and importance of RMB internationalization, and what kind of mode to adopt towards internationalization. Brexit may lead to a refined globalization, in which Britain's financial services, German manufacturing and Italian culture can be comprehensively integrated with China, Russia and India and other BRICS countries to produce greater benefits. If China can exert its influence on the UK economy as a whole, it will create a win-win situation between China and the UK based on the internationalization of the RMB.

Faculty Profile
Michael Williseses
  • Professor of Judge Business School, University of Cambridge
  • Doctor graduated from Wharton School of Business
  • Master of International Leadership and Accounting Project Manager
  • Business School Management Practice Project Leader
  • Consultant of multiple consulting companies
Raghavendra Rau
  • Sir Rothschild
  • Professor of Cambridge Business School, former President of the European Finance Association
  • Editor-in-chief of Financial Management Journal, Founder and Director of Cambridge Alternative Finance Centre (CCAF)
  • Head of Cambridge Corporate Governance Network, Former Chairman of Barclays Bank Investment Center
  • Served in many world-renowned universities and won numerous awards for scientific research, teaching and practice, and was named ''Baron Rothschild''
Sir Evelyn de Rothschild Professor of Finance
Alan Barrell

Professor of Cambridge Business School
Professor Alan Berry

  • Extensive experience in healthcare and medical research
  • He has served as a director and CHIEF executive officer of several large multinational companies and small technology start-ups.
  • He has extensive teaching experience at universities in the UK, Europe, North America and Asia, and holds professorial positions at universities in Europe and China.
  • He founded and managed a venture capital fund, and is also a director of angel investors and charities.
Robert Wardrop

Executive Director of the Centre for The Study of Emerging Finance at Cambridge University

Robert is a sociologist in the financial Accounting group at Cambridge Business School. He has over 30 years of experience in successfully investing in Europe and Asia, researching alternative financial channels to traditional banking and capital market systems. His current research focuses on small and medium-sized companies, with the aim of better understanding the decision-making behavior of business owners and investor classes in different economies. In addition to his academic position at Cambridge, Robert currently serves on the Global advisory boards of the University of Chicago Business School and The Kingston School of Business in Canada.



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